Offering transformative solutions for a better life
We are a service organization. Our model is based on the Church in Acts, where every member of the community comes together to meet the needs of
their neighbors.
Our mission
Born from the desire to see the moral climate of young people improve and knowing that they “can be better,” we aim to identify, develop, and provide ongoing solutions and urban interventions for individuals in communities with the greatest needs. With your support, we can give them the future they deserve.
We provide holistic support through our different programs and initiatives focusing on:
Educational Advancement
Building interdisciplinary enrichment camps to provide high-quality supplemental learning.
Healthy Habits
Providing healthier lifestyle solutions and improving access to advice for youth in need.
Crisis Management
Helping youth & families in times of crisis and conflicts such as risks of homelessness.
Economic Development
Connecting unemployed individuals with job training skills and making workplace referrals.
Character Development
Inspiring individuals struggling with poor self-image to discover their purpose & self-worth.
Clean Entertainment
Bringing youth & families t0gether with fun & entertaining, clean community events.
Introducing our advantages
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
High quality
We are a leading organization in providing quality and value to our clients. We love what we do.
This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
Each member of our team has at least 5 years of industry experience.
Our administrators are always ready to answer your questions.
We like to see people happy. We celebrate our clients' winining moments.
We care about our clients' time. Just reach out to us, and we will help you with all the questions.
Together Everyone Achieves More
We assembled the best professionals together. All team members work united together to deliver the best outcomes on every project of the organization.
  • Frederick A. Whitlow II
    Founder | Executive Director
    Mr. Whitlow is the father of our main goals and values. He meets no strangers and is extremely intentional about making sure every person knows their worth & purpose. He assembled the core team members so they could showcase their unique talents in the process of this critical work.
  • Dianne Bryant
    Executive Administrator | Event & Project Lead
    Dianne helps to oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization and serves as a team liaison to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals. Her administrative support assists the executive team with special projects coordination, logistics & planning.
  • Juanita Gonzalez
    Community Outreach Administrator
    Juanita's "above and beyond" spirit is what makes her a vital team player in expanding our partnerships and initiatives that align with our mission and vision of community transformation.
  • Merline Valle
    Financial Advisor | CampSMART Lead
    Merline "above and beyond" spirit is what makes her a vital team player in expanding our partnerships and initiatives that align with our mission and vision of community transformation.
  • Courtney Braggs
    Digital Consultant
    Skilled in multiple strategies, digital platforms, tools, and techniques, Courtney is a brilliant creative who enjoys helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.
  • Tucker Higgins
    Social Media Lead
    Tucker is an entrepreneur centered on building a community with small businesses. The work that he does helps us to manage our social media presence in the various online communities.
  • Jauquin Holmes
    IT Tech Support | STEM and Production Assistant
    Passionate about music, engineering & increasing community STEM interest and skills, Jauquin “pays it forward” and "stays engaged." His life philosophy is “you make who you up a plan; and go."
  • Dr. Michael Smith
    Community Chaplain | Consultant
    Dr. Smith cares about the fair treatment of all people, especially in the workplace. His efforts extend to historically under-represented populations & those subject to discrimination because of their background.
  • Kenneth Green
    Visual & Audio Media Manager
    From live streaming indoor or outdoors events, whether it's editing, pre/post-production, or video services, Kenny and his team make the dive to tackle our audio-visual media projects.
  • Kenya Green
    Photographer | Visual & Audio Media Assistant
    Kenya's attention to details is spot on for our media needs. Combine her integrity and professionalism with the ability to produce any tasks given, simple or complex, she raises the bar in the photography industry.
For three decades, we have served the underprivileged and disenfranchised communities in the Huntsville Metropolitan area and throughout the world.
Our community of volunteers and sponsors contribute greatly to our success, and we are extremely grateful for the support of each one! We count it a great honor to be of service to the least of these, our brothers and sisters in our city.

Awards & Recogitions
In September 2022, Mayor of Huntsville, Tommy Battle, commended Mr. Whitlow and NMD for 10 years of outreach and community leadership.

In January 2019, Mr. Whitlow received the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity Award from the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., for over 30 years of community service and outreach.

In January 2018, Mr. Whitlow received the Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Alabama
Honoring Our Mentors Award.
We love seeing and working with people who want & work to become better individuals for themselves as their unseen faith comes into realization.
We serve those seeking their purpose and have the desire to help others out of pure love and understanding of what it means to be a blessing to someone else as opposed to allowing their past history or mistakes to hold them hostage.
The work we do helps people gain a peace of mind, sustainable income, and a healthy and enduring family relationship within their personal lives.
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