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Our work is focused on giving youth and young adults the tools needed to improve their quality of life and opportunities for education, financial sustainability, generational wealth and legacy.
The Greatness Project
This is a unique interdisciplinary character development initiative that helps early adolescents & transitional youth between the ages of 9 and 18 who may have been negatively impacted by an interruption in family life, brokenness, violation or other unforeseeable happenings. It is a pioneering initiative aimed at reshaping trajectories, instilling positive values, and fostering personal growth among youth and teens.

The Greatness Project's creative year-round curriculum is culturally sensitive, and it's steeped in evidence-proven strategies and research-based techniques and solutions to transform lives for the better. Our comprehensive curriculum addresses the critical needs of adolescents transitioning from foster care, facing academic struggles, or dealing with past criminal or mental health challenges. It's designed to help participants embrace their best self, discover their purpose from earlier ages so they are given a "step-up" advantage, ultimately growing up to be healthy, productive, economically stable citizens who add value to themselves and their community in today's and tomorrow's society.

We partner, consult, and collaborate with youth professional providers, school administrators, teachers, educators, school officers, law enforcement and assigned social workers to identify the challenges that needed to be incorporated and included in the developmental aspect.

Annual Sponsorship Goal

$50,000 - $100,000
Project Sponsors help us provide up to 40 partial or full scholarships.
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