Recovering from disenfranchisement & violent media desensitization, youth and their families need our support.
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Why disenfranchised youth need our help
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    Increased risk factors of being disconnected from school & work
    In Alabama, 84,100 out of 4,830,700 nationwide young people are disconnected. Nearly 4,000 of those Alamabian youth are located here in Madison County. Research has identified several risk factors for disconnected youth are low emotional self-regulation, parental incarceration, and neighborhood violence. Other risk factors include: placement in child welfare, missing numerous school days, associating with deviant peers, family trauma and experiences of trauma, parental unemployment, not graduating high school/dropping out of school, & experiencing discrimination at school or workplace.
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    Youth Parents
    Youth and young adults who are expectant or parenting make up about 28 percent of individuals who are classified as opportunity youth. Disconnected young women are more than four times as likely to be a mother than connected young women.
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    A large portion of youth experiencing homelessness are disconnected from school as they have experienced significant disruptions in their education. They may experience long periods of time without attending school, which can lead to students not completing high school or beyond.[13] Youth who are homeless often have few opportunities to develop academic or job skills needed to gain employment. Key barriers to employability include poverty, social exclusion, disability, social norms, and gender bias.
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    Societal Harm
    Youth disconnection’s harms accrue not only to young people themselves, but also to society at large. Society pays a price in terms of reduced competitiveness, lower tax revenues, and higher health, social services, and criminal justice costs, to name just a few. 2020 data from the Current Population Survey (CPS) indicate that the national disconnection rate in April 2020 was 20 percent—two in ten young people across the country were neither working nor in school—and by June the rate reached 28 percent, nearly three in ten young people. An astonishing 3.7 million fewer youth were employed in July 2020 than in July 2019.

    Source: Opportunity Youth | | Youth Disconnection in America (
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Sponsor disenfranchised youth in The Greatness Project & CampSMART
You can be the hero in the life of a child in need. You can give them a better future, help them grow up healthy, educated, and safe.
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We want to help them repair their old lives and overcome traumatic past experiences, so they can walk with purpose and improve their livelihood.
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We organize economoic & professional development programs & relations to support and train clients seeking job placement resources.
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Successful Summer Camps
With your help it became possible to give 20 children an opportunity to learn in a safe and comfortable environment.
Graduation success
We love a good young adult happy story like the one behind this father who went back and earned his high school diploma through one of our homeschool partner agencies.
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